BUILDS + Tool Lockpicking workshop

Sean Smith | 19 Oct 2016 | | lockpicking, workshops, events

We’re holding another Lockpicking workshop! If you’re fascinated with locks, have a penchant for breaking the rules, or have watched too many Jason Bourne movies, you’ll learn basic lockpicking techniques.

RSVP on the facebook page:

We’ll be releasing tickets in the next few weeks so watch the facebook page!

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Meeting Minutes for 2015-09-28

Builds Meeting Notes September 28th

Began by talking about pros & cons of events/workshops we’ve held so far

  • Tying the structure of a workshop to an end goal
  • Trying to make it interactive
  • AJ mentioned how walking through challenges has been a success
    • AJ would like to announce in classes (410, 538, etc.) about the reverse engineering talk
  • Try to have a end result (something created is much more motivating)
  • Especially for the AWS one (but for all the rest), have every command and every nuance listed so someone can

Shirt Competition

  • Email CFA people
  • Pls make a cool logo for 440 people!!

Website workshop

  • Github pages
  • Bootstrap/Foundation
  • Free .me

Use github icon to get to the builds site

  • Nico will hopefully tend to the website this coming weekend
    • In workshop section, have each description be populated by the workshop md file
      • = steps and stuff for the actual workshop
      • = event description (used for the site, email, fb event, etc.)

Have workshop organizers create an MD file for the preliminary

After AWS Workshop, potential workshops:

  • Bitcoin
  • Lockpicking
  • Data Science (Ben)
  • Raspberry Pi (Element 14)
  • 3D Printer
  • Arduinos & kit (AdaFruit)
  • iOS (Make sure we address the windows issue)
  • Android (Android Studio; make sure people download first + use their android)
  • Rooting Android Phones