Meeting Minutes for 2015-09-28

Nico Hinderling | 28 Sep 2015 | | meeting-minutes

Builds Meeting Notes September 28th

Began by talking about pros & cons of events/workshops we’ve held so far

Shirt Competition

Website workshop

Use github icon to get to the builds site

Have workshop organizers create an MD file for the preliminary

After AWS Workshop, potential workshops:

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Meeting Minutes for 2015-09-21

Builds Meeting Notes September 21st


  • Will Blair worked with freshmen
  • Things we could have improved upon:
  • Have a clear schedule

Lincolns Lab talk

  • AJ would like to meet with him
  • Sean thinks the meeting should be in 3-4 weeks
  • AJ needs to email him back

Builds Website

  • Update website
  • Needs to be a more important thing
  • Change the meeting time on the main homepage
  • Setup mailchimp and import contacts to mailchimp then switch the link
  • Calendar (Google calendar) with info about events
  • Explicitly add meetings


  • Update email


  • Sept. 23rd: Amalia’s Prep for Intro to Command Line
  • Nico will lead a git workshop

AJ’s Idea for having a weekly 2nd Meeting

  • Concern is that binary isn’t easy to teach and exciting, but important
  • Criticism is that it may be neglected as the semester picks up


BUILDS + Tool Lockpicking workshop

We’re holding another Lockpicking workshop! If you’re fascinated with locks, have a penchant for breaking the rules, or have watched too many Jason Bourne movies, you’ll learn basic lockpicking techniques.

RSVP on the facebook page:

We’ll be releasing tickets in the next few weeks so watch the facebook page!