BUILDS Open House 2015

Huy Le | 21 Mar 2015 | | open-house, events

BUILDS Open House Wallpaper

What have you made this year?

BUILDS is BU’s makerspace club where we work together on cool projects. And BUILDS would not be BUILDS if we did not make things!

On April 15, 6:30 - 8:00 PM (MCS B26), the BUILDS Open House will be a university project showcase event to celebrate the ingenuity of student projects.

Do you have a side project you want to show off, whether it be code, robot, tech-inspired art, or any wonderful burst of unbridled creativity?

Fill out this spreadsheet, and we’ll grab you a table for you to showcase your project at our expo event.

The event will be in the basement of MCS room B26 and B33. There’ll be lots of food!

Come, network, tour the BUILDS room, talk, eat, and check out the cool side projects at BU on April 15, 6:30 - 8:00 PM.

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Boston Key Party 2015 Preparation

We’re preparing challenges for Boston Key Party 2015, a security jeopardy-style CTF that BUILDS helps organize. Boston Key Party will take place on February 27 to March 1, 2015. We need some help, organizing questions, and we need people to test the problems.

Contact our President:


Meeting Minutes for 2015-09-02

Builds Meeting Notes September 2nd

Pertaining to Splash:


  • Sean has ordered 200 stickers
  • Contact Allan about the chicken suit?
  • 3D Bottle Openers!

At Splash:

  • We will give out stickers for free to incentivize people into giving us their emails (Make it clear we will only email them once!)
  • We will give the first (~50 or however many) people who join our FB group bottle openers!
  • Amalia or Sean will hopefully be doing some lock picking at the table to entice people
  • Nico will need to try and get a poster printed out for us
  • Nico will try to bring the Oscilloscope just to make the table look that much more dope
  • If we have access to the chicken suit, that could be something we could incorporate

Post Splash:

  • The email we will send out will be one awesome info-filled email

Other Topics that were Brought Up:

  • We need to change the listing on our ACM account for BU
  • We need to formally establish areas of subject that each person will specifically reply to (pertaining to emails to ACM)
  • Sean and I need to attend Executive Training
  • Sunday @ Noon: CLEAN THE BUILDS ROOM!