Meeting Minutes for 2013-09-11

George Silvis | 14 Sep 2013 | | meeting-minutes

Notes recorded from BUILDS meeting Recorded 9/11/13

Introduce officers again.

Upcoming events

Projects that people are interested in working on

The Room

Introduce students

Please come by whenever! The door is open as often as we can manage it, and people are often working and hacking here late into the night.

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Meeting Minutes for 2013-09-04

Notes recorded from BUILDS meeting Recorded 9/04/13


Intro to Python/Unix and CTF Crash Courses

On September 13th and September 14th BUILDS hosted two introductory seminars: Intro to Python/Unix and Intro to CTF. The seminars were designed to go together with the intent of introducing new members to programming, and working in a unix environment so that they can participate in the upcoming Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) capture the flag (CTF) competition running from September 19th to September 22nd.