Laser Light Display

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Phase 1: Pan-Tilt Style System

Document, when possible

Phase 2: Galvonometer-Based X-Y Scanner

Galvonometer Construction

Theory of Operation

Parts List


elmChan’s Laser Projector

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Meeting Minutes for 2013-02-13


  • Something about a CTF (info needed) Please correct?
  • Valerie Young: Thursday Feb 14, 2013 at 5:00pm Orran Krieger will give a talk on Mass Open Cloud
  • T-Shirt order forms will go out again.
  • John Aleman: gyroscope project proposal is written and clocks in around $200. If you want to join (
  • Alessandro Gomez is making a MIDI controller, if you are interested feel free to contact him.
  • John Furst: server rack/cluster is mostly set up, but currently some problems with pixie booting due to DHCP implementation problems somewhere.
  • Monica Gribouski: We want to start a new lecture series of sort for faculty, students and cool people.


Meeting Minutes for 2013-02-20


  • Architects are touring the room this week, so that BU can redo the MCS building. Azer thinks we’re a good representative of how the building should look. From 11-12 Thursday, next Tuesday, and the Thursday and Friday after this, they’ll be here.

  • Tomorrow at 5:30, RISCS is holding a recruiting and information session at the Hariri. There’s also free food.

  • Professor Goldberg is hosting a colloquium on security and privacy (Boston Freedom of Communications Day) on March 8th, and you guys should all go. If you want to go, you should register for planning purposes.

  • Chris, John and Dan are working on a laser-light display, which should be happening in the next few weeks.

  • BUILDS T-shirt orders are going out soon.

  • We should start thinking about officer elections for the end of the year.

  • CTF updates: We’ve talked to the PTHC (Northeastern Security Club, don’t Google though) people, and they’re going to help us make challenges and stuff. We’ve roughly pencilled in a date for early June, but that’s very preliminary. If you want to help create or test challenges, come talk to Allan, Jeff Crowell or me.