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Congressional Research Services creates hundreds of very detailed documents each on a variety of topics for congressmen. The goal of the this project is allow these documents to be searchable by the general public.

General Info

our piratepad:

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Local Eateries


CityCo: A convenience store. Found at 725 Comm Ave, right next to Warren towers.

Espresso Royale Cafe: Hipster coffee shop with tasty sandwiches and a variety of bagels. 736 Comm Ave.


UGrill: 712 Comm Ave. Pizza, Burgers. Inexpensive.

Sal’s Pizza: Right next to UGrill. Also has pizza. No one can really tell which one is tastier.


Beijing Cafe: Cheap Chinese food. Greasy but tasty. 728 Comm Ave.

Nud Pob: Thai food. The best Pad Thai and Basil Fried Rice around. Next to Espresso Royal, 738 Comm Ave


Portal Ceiling Tile/Hackerspace Communication Network

Portal is a screen in the ceiling that shows the contents of the door camera in ASCII art.


The hostname of the laptop is: builds-portal, and it’s IP address is

The portal is running Debian 6.0.3.

Startup sequence: There is no startup sequence.


  • Potentially reduce latency further.
  • Laptop screen dims after a while?


  • 3/31: Added new info about how to add new portals to the multiplexer.
  • 2/20: Changed method of streaming to use mpeg4 compressed video over raw udp. Decoding is now done on the laptop. Upon startup, rc.local runs the script /home/builds/ as root, which runs a vlc command that listens on udp port 5004 for incoming video. On the door, the following command must be run to start the video:
nice cvlc -I dummy -A dummy -V dummy v4l2:///dev/video0 --sout \
"#transcode{vcodec=mpeg4,width=640,height=480,vb=200,acodec=none}:std{mux=ts,dst=,access=udp}" \
--v4l2-caching=100 --sout-udp-caching=0
  • 2/20: Updated /etc/rc.local to automatically ssh into the door and connect to a screen to view VLC. Retries every 60 seconds.
su -c "while true; do ssh -t -C 'screen -r portal; exit'; sleep 60; done;" builds
  • 2/20: Updated /etc/default/grub to include “vga=791” and “consoleblank=0”. This sets the proper TTY resolution and disable consoleblank timeout (aka TTY will always be on).
  • 2/19: Initial Installation.


Portal artwork by Anthony Inzero.

TO CREATE NEW ONES (updated 3/31/2012)

To create a new portal, install debian with base utils and sshd. Then install vlc, xorg, and sudo. Add builds to the sudo group. change the following files: /etc/X11/Xwrapper.config:



sudo -u builds startx &



nice cvlc -vv v4l2:///dev/video0 --sout \
rtp{dst=$TARGET,port=$PORT}" \
--v4l2-caching=60 -V dummy -I dummy -A dummy \
--v4l2-width=$WIDTH --v4l2-height=$HEIGHT --v4l2-fps=$FPS \
--sout-transcode-threads=2 --sout-rtp-caching=0 &

xset -dpms s off

nice vlc -A dummy -V xvideo --no-video-title-show \
--fullscreen --rtp-caching=100 rtp://@:$PORT