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Current Status

Preparations are being made to display several of our projects at the upcoming BUILDS open house.

Meetings are tentatively set for Wednesdays from 2-3.


The Video Game Collective is designed around a loose group of projects in game development that have been proposed by members. Some are personal projects or extensions of existing projects from academic coursework. Anyone looking to help or just learn more about game design and creation are welcome.


Existing Projects


Project Leader: Liam Wang

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BUILDSbot: 12 Ounce

BUILDSbot 12 Ounce is part of the overarching BUILDSbot project. The goal is to create a functional robot which can take commands from a USB serial connection (possibly move to a wireless connection eventually). The robot should also be capable of doing line following as its main function. USB connectivity is simply for testing and possibly to help simplify future wireless based communication schemes.


Ghosts in a Gymnasium


Before the game starts, the player has the opportunity to move blocks (Chairs) around anyway he or she wishes. Once finished, two Ghosts will spawn, along with three mice. The player must kill mice and feed the ghosts to buy time before they catch him or her. The ghosts will move fast enough before the first feeding where they will catch the player. Gaining time for yourself involves feeding the ghosts without being eaten by them. The goal in the game is to see how long you can survive without being eaten.

Current Status

April 18, 2012

All code I have has been posted to:

You’ll need to have pygame, and numpy installed to run. To run ‘python’


collision detection between sprites scoreboard start menu enhanced pathfinding for ghosts and mice, taking into account chairs actual gameplay described above….yup ;>