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Parts List


Powering the Camera

Servo Controller

The Arduino is used mainly as a controller for the servo and can be configured and issued commands over a Serial connection. The serial protocol used is extremely basic and relies on messages of three characters in length.

Command Bit Value Bit \n

Newline characters will always break and only the first two characters will ever actually be interpreted.

The following commands will set different position registers. Where n represents the ascii representation of a number.

Command Value
1 x
2 x
n x

The following command flags are recognized.

String Description
-t Trigger through array positions
-l List the values in int array positions
-d Toggle debug mode

Debug mode can be set using pin 12 on the Arduino. It is high active (when high debug mode will be on). Code is hosted at Document Camera Source Code

Camera Communications

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TCP/IP Workshop

Monday, Feb 20, 2012 @ 3:00pm in BUILDS

TCP/IP Workshop


Meeting Minutes for 2012-02-22


Kyle Brogle

  • Project updates…Much was done this weekend!

Dan Gastler

  • The door still runs on the old code. Notice the camera above the table? It gives a live stream (.mpeg 4 video) from the camera outside the door. This was hacked together from an old thinkpad that Danny found, together with work from both Allan and Dan.

Chris Woodall

  • BUILDS bot has spawned a minibot named 12ounce. Made from the casing of an old IR motion sensor, it’s a good start for the BUILDS bot project to get used to coding/ making (working) motor controls.

Monica Gribouski

  • Toby from IS&T came in and taught BUILDS multitouch how to ame polish their acrylic, so further progress is now blocking on the acquistion of new materials.

Chris Woodall

  • BUILDS has a table reserved at the Cambridge Maker Fair (on April 20th). Contact Chris/Kyle if you have any projects that you’d like to contribute.

(KDE) Jeff Crowell

  • The laser arrived for BUILDS drawbot, so work will continue this weekend. Contact Jeff if you’re interested.

George Silvis / Anthony Inzero

  • Many thanks to George and Zero for traveling to Micro-Center and (successfully) building three new BUILDS computers. So sayeth Baron von Computer: if you need something installed on any of the computers, talk to George or Kyle.

Liam Wang

  • VGC is still going, but temporarily blocking on Liam surviving theatre Hell Week. If you’re interested in helping out, contact Liam.

Allan Wirth

  • BUILDS Coding Bee: (Think first annual Python Bee). The acceptable languages are C, Python, and Haskell. The grand prize is a BUILDS ceiling tile with your face on it (to remain in BUILDS). If you have a language that you really want, contact Allan or George.

Dan Gastler

  • Musical Stairs:
    • New goals are to solder on two new jacks and test two new sensors. Work will begin on saturday at 3pm.

Danny Cooper

  • Work on BUILDS document camera is still in progress, but milestones are being blocked by terrible manufacturer documentation.

Chris Woodall

  • Thanks to Ian and his generous typewriter donations, BUILDS typewriter can now begin. Hacking will commence this saturday at 2pm.

Valerie Young

  • Meta Topics:
    • Funds are roughly at 600 of free-use money. If you need funding for your project, contact Valerie for other means (Jim Stone, SAO, etc). For BUILDS officer elections, the format is heading toward having a secret veto ballot (in person, not over email), and having tickets of officer groups as opposed to voting for officers individually.

Chris Woodall

  • If you want to participate in a BUILDS arduino/ soldering workshop, talk to Chris so he can get a rough idea of interest.