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Specifications and GoalsBuild a swarm of semi intelligent robots The swarm robots should achieve the following things:

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Soldering Workshop

Sunday Feb. 5, 2012 at 1:00pm in BUILDS

Workshop 2 (TBD): BUILDSduino Explosion

Workshop 1 (2/5/12 @ 1:00pm): Through Hole Soldering and Protoboard Prototyping


  1. Soldering Safety.

  2. Soldering on scrap boards.

  3. Review of Trinket, how would one build it given certain design specs.

  4. Build trinket.

  5. Go on your way with awesome soldering powers.

Automatic Nightlight

Schematic Image

Parts List

  • 1 10k Resistors
  • 1 10k Potentiometer
  • 1 470-500 ohm Resistor
  • 1 NPN Transistor (2n2222 works nice)
  • Protoboard
  • 1 LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)/Photocell
  • An LED of choice color (may need to change the value of R3)
  • 2 AAA batteries (with lots of tape and

Eagle Files

(Note: these are Eagle 6 files)


  • Lithium Ion Batteries are expensive as are battery holders. Since I needed to construct the kit on a limited budget I had to use AAA batteries and make my own battery packs using wire and electrical tape.
  • Teaching circuit theory and soldering at the same time is hard… Next time focus on one of the other.
  • Transistors can be tricky to read and set up
  • Radioshack is expensive an unreliable.


Coding Bee

Allan and George are planning a coding bee! Here are the rules:

Allowed Symbols

( {left,open} {paren,parenthesis} ) {right,close} {paren,parenthesis} [ {left,open} {bracket,square bracket} ] {right,close} {bracket,square bracket} { {left,open} {brace,curly {bracket,brace}, squiggly {bracket,brace}} } {right,close} {brace,curly {bracket,brace}, squiggly {bracket,brace}} < {bra,less than,{left,open} {waka,angle{ bracket,}},langle} > {ket,greater than,{right,close} {waka,angle{ bracket,}},rangle} ! {exclamation mark,bang,shriek,factorial,wow} @ {at{, symbol},strudel} # {hash,pound{, sign},number sign,crunch,sharp,{octo}thorpe,tic-tac-toe} $ dollar{, sign} % {percent,percentage}{, mark} ^ {hat,carat,circumflex} & {and,ampersand,pretzel} * {star,asterisk} ` {backtick,grave,backquote} ~ {tilde,twiddle,wiggle,squiggle} - {minus,hyphen,dash} _ {underline,underscore} + {plus,add} = {equals,equal to} | {bar,pipe} \ backslash / {forward ,}slash ? {question mark,surprise noodle} ; semicolon : colon ' {apostrophe,single quote} " {double ,}quote . {period,dot,point} , comma Enter: like hitting the 'enter' key on any sane system Tab: puts a 'tab' symbol [no automatic indentation] Space: hit the spacebar Backspace: Hit the fucking backspace key. Don't use the arrow keys. No editor-specific key bindings. Please explicitly state capital letters (e.g. "capital A") You may use the capslock key. We will not help you if you have forgotten if it is on. Allowed alternatives to standard American letter names: Z may be 'zed' H may be 'haich'


  • Python [the classic] ** Tabs are recommended. ** You are given a prototype. e.g.
      def fib (a):

** Python 2.6 or 2.7 ** No imports

  • Haskell** Please use spaces. **

You will be given the type and name of the function. e.g.

	fib :: Int -> Int

** GHC 6 or 7, with no extensions enabled. Haskell 98 is acceptable.

  • C ** You will be given a function prototype. Please complete it. e.g.
	int fib (int a);

** GCC version 4.x, with no flags. **

No imports; you may use anything in libc. (Including GNU extensions)

  • PHP ** you will be given a function prototype. e.g.
	function fib(a) {

** PHP Version 5 ** Restrictions?

  • Perl ** you will be given a subroutine name and the arguments it must take. e.g.
	sub fib {

** Perl 5 ** No use statements. Restrictions?


The prize will be a ceiling tile with your gorgeous face on it created by our very own - Monica Gribouski.



  • Factorial
  • Power [integer powers] {no cheating}
  • Fibonacci
  • Quadratic Formula
  • endswith:
  • GCD


  • Check paren matching
  • Substring given index and length
  • Check primality
  • Fizzbuzz
  • Binary search
  • Decide substring:
  • Remove duplicates from a list
  • Given a byte, output its bits. [most-significant first]
  • Search


  • Sort a list in maximum O(n^2) time
  • Sort a list in average {n log n} time
  • Output primes
  • Print/list all factors of a natural number
  • All contiguous substrings
  • Square roots of integers, round down.
  • Reverse a list/string
  • Capitalize
  • atoi
  • Intersection of two sorted lists
  • parse csv?

=== Impossible ===

  • RSA [just for Kyle]
  • Give all permutations of a list [list does not contain duplicates]
  • // Give all permutations of a list without repetition [oh god way too hard]