Soldering Workshop

buildscc | 05 Feb 2012 | | workshops, events

Sunday Feb. 5, 2012 at 1:00pm in BUILDS

Workshop 2 (TBD): BUILDSduino Explosion

Workshop 1 (2/5/12 @ 1:00pm): Through Hole Soldering and Protoboard Prototyping


  1. Soldering Safety.

  2. Soldering on scrap boards.

  3. Review of Trinket, how would one build it given certain design specs.

  4. Build trinket.

  5. Go on your way with awesome soldering powers.

Automatic Nightlight

Schematic Image

Parts List

Eagle Files

(Note: these are Eagle 6 files)


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The Party Switch


The goal of this project is to restore the now-defunct party switch to a working condition. Possible actions include: the deployment of a disco ball, lasers, strobes, colored lights.



  • Mikhail Andreev (Project Leader)


BUILDSBot Droplet

Specifications and GoalsBuild a swarm of semi intelligent robots The swarm robots should achieve the following things:

  • Ability to communicate amongst each other and w/ a computer of choice
  • Distributed vs Centralized (Ender Wiggin vs Bugger Queen)
  • Low Cost for reproducibility
  • Possibly of different types and specs. Or all the same. For example: ** Feelers. Collision detection. Used to map out the area.
  • Movers. Extra actuators… Possibly using electromagnets to move metallic objects around
  • Philosophers. Computation nodes, can also move.