The Party Switch

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The goal of this project is to restore the now-defunct party switch to a working condition. Possible actions include: the deployment of a disco ball, lasers, strobes, colored lights.



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Meeting Minutes for 2012-01-18


Kyle Brogle

  • Welcome back everybody! Apparently Wednesday work better for a lot of people. Regardless, a doodle will be sent to the list to schedule another (maybe better) meeting time.
  • Also, thanks to everyone who helped clean up over break!

Anthony Inzero

  • Last weekend was cleaning weekend. Thinking about implementing a pika-esque lost and found/ trash-it system, check your email for further updates.

George Silvis

  • Computer parts are on their way to being ordered. In the future (about 2-3 weeks), there will be BUILDS computer cleanout session to set up the new stuff

Kyle Brogle

  • On Jan. 25th, BUILDS is signed up for the Mozilla CTF! It’s 24hrs. long, of course nobody is obligated to join the BUILDS team, but you should definitely do it for the practice (and bragging rights) if you’re into computer security.
    • Furthermore, a second doodle will be sent to the list later this week for the Wire Shark info lectures.

Jess Hamrick

  • SIPB (Student Information Processing Board) at MIT is having a hackathon this weekend (this saturday) for … check your email for further details

Russell Shomberg

  • The door is now (sort of ) operational, requiring only a card with a mag strip to get into the room.
    • Also, every sunday at 1pm there will be a BUILDS “Get things done” meta-project: A project concerning getting other room projects done. Stop by!

Monica Gribouski

  • Multitouch Table
    • The Multi-touch project will actually be starting this semester, blocking on a Home Depot run. Stay tuned and check your email

Avery Gray

  • Video Game Collective
    • Tentatively VGC will be meeting every saturday at 2pm, coding in C++. Contact Liam or Avery for more details, or just stop by to see what’s happening.


Soldering Workshop

Sunday Feb. 5, 2012 at 1:00pm in BUILDS

Workshop 2 (TBD): BUILDSduino Explosion

Workshop 1 (2/5/12 @ 1:00pm): Through Hole Soldering and Protoboard Prototyping


  1. Soldering Safety.

  2. Soldering on scrap boards.

  3. Review of Trinket, how would one build it given certain design specs.

  4. Build trinket.

  5. Go on your way with awesome soldering powers.

Automatic Nightlight

Schematic Image

Parts List

  • 1 10k Resistors
  • 1 10k Potentiometer
  • 1 470-500 ohm Resistor
  • 1 NPN Transistor (2n2222 works nice)
  • Protoboard
  • 1 LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)/Photocell
  • An LED of choice color (may need to change the value of R3)
  • 2 AAA batteries (with lots of tape and

Eagle Files

(Note: these are Eagle 6 files)


  • Lithium Ion Batteries are expensive as are battery holders. Since I needed to construct the kit on a limited budget I had to use AAA batteries and make my own battery packs using wire and electrical tape.
  • Teaching circuit theory and soldering at the same time is hard… Next time focus on one of the other.
  • Transistors can be tricky to read and set up
  • Radioshack is expensive an unreliable.