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buildscc | 09 Nov 2011 | | books

Some of us need books. Some of us have books. Put down what books you have or need along with some contact info in the appropriate section.

Also, people who are CS/Math students should feel free to use the books on the bookshelf in BUILDS…some of them are textbooks. It would be cool if they could stay in the room, but we understand if you need to take it for a night…just make sure they’re back in reasonable time, since a lot of us do our Psets down here.

Books you Need


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Project Recruitment Roster

Project Recruitment Roster

This page is a list of active members. Feel free to recruit anyone below for your project, or add yourself to the list!

  • David House - house@bu.edu
  • Kyle Brogle –
  • John-Nicholas Furst - j-n@john-nicholas.net
  • Andrew Kazakoff - andrew@kazakoff.com
  • Jim Chatham - jchatham@bu.edu
  • Kenny Kalenderian - kenneh@mit.edu
  • Valerie Young - vryoung@bu.edu
  • Ian Felder - ifelder@gmail.com
  • Jeff Crowell - crowell@bu.edu
  • Janoo Fernandes - jtferns@bu.edu
  • Russell Shomberg - shomberg@bu.edu
  • Christopher Woodall - cwoodall@bu.edu
  • Mikhail Andreev - mikh@bu.edu
  • Namank Shah - namank@bu.edu
  • Cody Doucette - doucette@bu.edu


Meeting Minutes for 2011-11-30


A meta meeting has occured! check you email for further details.

  • How does the meeting time work for everyone? It’s impractical to change for this term, but a doodle will be sent soon for next semester.

Chris Woodall

  • Circuit workshop
    • If you want to pick some new knowledge about playing with circuits, stayed tuned and check email. Will most likely start next term.

Kyle Brogle

    • Who would be interested in a BUILDS CTF?
    • Would be great practice for all those who like (love) network security.
    • Again, due to people being swamped with finals, will probably start next semester.

John-Nicholas Furst

  • BUILDS Door Upgrade
    • Great job everyone! Further progress now blocking on the acquisition of hardware