LED Cube

buildscc | 22 Feb 2011 | | projects

Looking to make a programmable LED Cube similar to this.

Progress so Far

Have ordered 1000 LEDs from a retailer in China. Waiting for package to arrive.

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Meeting Minutes for 2011-02-16


John-Nicholas Furst and Kyle Brogle

  • To everyone who came to the Microsoft hackathon, you’re awesome.
    • To all those interested, BUILDS may be acquiring a Kinect for computer vision purposes.
    • Robbie’s Improvement to Gutenbach
      • Gutenbach now (last.fm scrobbling, screen blanking)

Valerie Young

  • Musical Stairs
    • Rusty has conquered the mounting problem via the extensive use of zip-ties
    • Software implementation now works (everybody say thanks to John!)

Kyle Brogle

  • LED Cube
    • The LEDs have been shipped and should arrive within the week.

Russell Shomberg

  • BUILDS building extravaganza
    • This saturday at noon, Rusty et al will be hosting a carpentry workshop
    • Great way to get acquainted with the power tools


  • Derpnet
    • Server goes in git today or tomorrow, but no meeting this week

Kyle Brogle

  • Updating the BUILDS website
    • If you’re interested in helping update the website and make BUILDS proud and happy contact John or Kyle

Danny Cooper

  • Ferrous fluids
    • Primary progress is currently blocking on the acquisition of materials

Monica Gribouski

  • Multitouch Table
    • Meeting tomorrow, will be discussing camera and projector choices


  • Meetings will be set at mondays 5:00pm

Chris Woodall

  • Hack an Orchestra
    • First meeting sunday at 3pm
    • Bring ideas/videos. We may start creating a parts list for our first project if we have time.

Meeting ended 6:50pm


CNC Drawbot


The original idea was to make a mechanized etch-a-sketch. However, this has no progressed into making a laser-etching device.


4/13/2011 Ordered new steppers from adafruit, as our were not precise enough :(

The College of Engineering has approved funding for the project, we are waiting on the funds to be transferred to acm/sao accounts. Jeff has order a few parts and we are waiting for the transfer to go through before ordering the rest.

03/05/2011 - Software is ~95% complete, steps through and lights a debug LED. most parts ordered. still requires interfacing with the laser, a way to attach the steppers to etch a sketch, and final fabrication of an enclosure.

//code documented -jeff

current code can be found here https://github.com/BUILDS-/Drawbot

graphical QT wrapper for PC_Side scripts can be found here https://github.com/crowell/laser-Kontrol


If you want to join this project, email Jeffrey Crowell (Can Be Found on the BU Directory)


The laser that will most likely be used will be a 650nm, 250mW red diode laser (250mW “Cute” laser from O-Like) that will have the capacity to etch into wood and/or dark plastics. The laser will be focused to get a resolution approximately equal to the resolution of a motorized etch and sketch

CNC Element

Stepper motors are controlled by the arduino (currently jeff’s arduino uno(2010)) Code for this is on the github. These are (eventually going to be) connected to the dials on the etch-a-sketch. Thus we can control the position of the laser. The laser on/off (is going to be) controlled by the arduino setting a transistor to high/low


Here is a copy of the Proposal that Jeff and Samir submitted to the college of Engineering for funding and was approved

Included is a detailed list of parts that we intend to purchase