Meeting Minutes for 2011-02-16

buildscc | 16 Feb 2011 | | meeting-minutes


John-Nicholas Furst and Kyle Brogle

Valerie Young

Kyle Brogle

Russell Shomberg


Kyle Brogle

Danny Cooper

Monica Gribouski


Chris Woodall

Meeting ended 6:50pm

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Meeting Minutes for 2011-02-09


Kyle Brogle

  • Microsoft hackathon THIS weekend (fri @6pm)
    • bring some project ideas!
  • New Speakers!
    • do NOT turn them up when classes are running.
  • Lincoln Labs CTF
    • Tim Leek (Cybersystems and security group)
    • Open to the boston community
    • Web application security capture the flag game
    • will be run in April…stay tuned for updates!

BUILDS Electronic Orchestra

  • Email, or contact Chris.


  • Musical Stairs Update
    • Blocking on improved software on John’s end
    • Home depot run this saturday

Kyle Brogle

  • Diaspora Server
    • “distributed open source “facebook equivalent””
    • Still buggy; the plan is to set up a server and try to help by contributing patches.

Drawbot Project

  • Still blocking on proposal acceptance

Russell Shomberg

  • Carpentry Extravaganza!
    • great way to learn to power-tool, contact Rusty

John-Nicholas Furst

  • New email lists
    • BUILDS project lists (great place to discuss project ideas)
    • BUILDS announce lists (great place for announcements, e.g. the room is on fire)

meeting ended 6:53pm


LED Cube

Looking to make a programmable LED Cube similar to this.

Progress so Far

Have ordered 1000 LEDs from a retailer in China. Waiting for package to arrive.