Meeting Minutes for 2011-02-02

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Kyle Brogle

Valerie Young

Kyle Brogle

Mikhail Andreev


Chris Woodall

Brian Hepler

Monica Gribouski

David House

Meeting 6:52pm

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This Project has been reported dead because the vacuum being used broke, and no one has had time to repair it.


Using a common household vacuum for suction, we will build a wearable device that will climb smooth walls. A house vacuum is actually very powerful and exerts a large pressure, but it uses a small area for its nozzle. By attaching a large area pad with a rubber sealant should create enough force to stick a person to a wall. With two pads and the ability to turn off one at a time, we could scale smooth walls.

To Do

  • Calculate necessary suction from a vacuum - check
    • capable of directly holding weight onto ceiling
    • generates enough friction to hold onto a wall
    • use large safety factor
  • Obtain Vacuum - check - Perform tests on vacuum
    • find way to get seal on vacuum to test weight without permanently attaching anything.
  • Draw designs for pads - Gather other materials
    • wood (or some other material to make pads with)
    • rubber for sealing pads
  • Build Pads - Design a way to use in the field and build - Use to either stop crime or destroy the world


Rough calculations have been finished. A copy is on the white board in builds. Once we have a vacuum with a known suction pressure, we can go forward.


Designs need to be made.


  • Russell Shomberg (Project Head)
  • Samir Ahmed
  • Patrick Ehrlicher

“Let me know if you are interested.” -Rusty




The purpose of this project is to create a toy, possibly-remote controlled car that will hover and fly through the air, and will have sensors mounted that will enable it to avoid walls and change trajectory.


The actual hovercar will be about 1.5 - 2 feet in length/width and will consist of the propulsion mechanism, the sensors, and the controls. For propulsion, we will probably use a quad copter setup, as it gives us the most stability and movement capability. In order to make it hover, we can make it keep a constant altitude, and then it will move by throttling the individual propellers. The sensors will be placed to allow the hovercar to understand how close it is to walls/obstructions, and be able to avoid them. Our final goal is to create something that can move around on its own without crashing. We will also want to be able to control its movement, with a controller, or a computer.

More stuff

If we manage to get all that to work an advanced feature would be to give the hovercar the capability to control its altitude, so it would sense how far it is away from the ground, and adjust output to get to a specified height. An add-on with that would be to give it the capability to remember the terrain under it, and so be able to change its motors automatically.


Our current meeting time is 8PM on Wed.

  • Multitouch Table