Meeting Minutes for 2010-11-10

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BUILDS meeting


Kyle Brogle

John-Nicholas Furst

Valerie Young

Russell Shomberg

John-Nicholas Furst


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Meeting Minutes for 2010-10-27

BUILDS meeting 8

10/27/2010 6:30pm

Valerie Young

  • Musical Staircase
    • Updates: sensors are working now and calibrated
    • Now working on installation

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Musical Stairs Admin Business
    • After a very fruitful meeting with Dean Elmore et al, plans are in the works to set up the pilot staircase in GSU
    • Note: we are saying PILOT staircase. This could turn into more awesomeness if done well.
  • Videogame collective
    • Status update: pausing on work with open GL to work with XNA (microsoft’s game making monster) that must be used for those working on the Microsoft Imagine Cup

Kyle Brogle

Brian Hepler

  • The Putnam Competition and Mathematics Brain dump
    • For all those looking to jack up your creative math skills, Brian will (tentatively) be holding meetings sundays at 12pm.
    • Primary goals will be mini lectures/ brain dumps on requested topics in mathematics/ advanced material not normally covered in undergraduate math classes *Email at if interested

Meeting ended 6:50pm


Meeting Minutes for 2010-11-17

BUILDS Meeting


Kyle Brogle

  • Everybody say hi to Jim!
    • Again, the room can get messy pretty fast. Please do your part to keep everything organized and clean.


  • Competition ran by Autism Speaks to develop tools/applications to aid people on the autism spectrum.
    • If you’re interested in helping (in conjunction with MIT Media Lab) work on open source software for the Project contact MC.

Valerie Young

* Musical Stairs
* All of the electronics are basically worked out (still working on arduino interfaces).
* The project group as of now is focusing mainly on mounting issues with hardware.
* Installation is planned for the Sunday prior to beginning of next semester.

John-Nicholas Furst / Patrick Ehrlicher

  • Tesla Coil
    • Progress is now blocking on wrapping the copper wire for the coil
    • The project needs people to help wrap a LOT of wire before it can feasibly get off the ground
    • If you love epic-ness, contact Patrick/John

Kyle Brogle

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup
    • Submission deadline for the fall has passed, so if you haven’t yet submitted, gear up for the spring.

Ian Felder

  • Veggie Car
    • Progress is blocking on the finished project proposal
  • Reinventing the Disco Ball
    • plan is to create a spherical shell of RGB LEDs (individually addressable)
    • maybe plans to create an 8 bit display?

Kyle Brogle

  • BU and Friends Faculty Presentations
    • Any ideas for faculty who do awesome things to come down and give presentations?

BUILDS Brain Dumps

* coming up spring semester, BUILDS folk with expertise in some area are welcome to give Lectures/ presenations with all of the bells and whistles