Meeting Minutes for 2010-10-27

buildscc | 27 Oct 2010 | | meeting-minutes

BUILDS meeting 8

10/27/2010 6:30pm

Valerie Young

John-Nicholas Furst

Kyle Brogle

Brian Hepler

Meeting ended 6:50pm

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Tap Input

Tap Input is currently in research and will be on hold until Musical Stairs is nearing completion.

Scope and aims

Current research

The Team

Similar Projects

  • [1] – PDF writeup of a similar project done at the CMU Comp Sci Department
  • [2] - Video of Scratch Input


Meeting Minutes for 2010-11-10

BUILDS meeting


Kyle Brogle

  • College puzzle challenge was last weekend
    • Great fun! if you’re interested in checking it out and weren’t there, check out the website for puzzles and solutions.

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Microsoft Imagine Cup
    • Remember, the deadline for round two is Nov. 15
    • Even if you don’t think you can make the deadline with a pretty product, submit what you have. You can always re-enter in the spring.

Valerie Young

  • Musical Stairs
    • Updates: primarily planning circuitry and working with the interface.
    • Basically, if anyone has any experience working with user interfaces, contact Val or Ian.

Russell Shomberg

  • Spidervac
    • Still in R&D phase. Contact Rusty if you have any ideas/ want to help.
    • Also, if anyone needs any welding done, contact Rusty/Patrick. –>

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Builds Veggie Car
    • Pending email/ chatting with director of Sustainability at BU.
    • Still working on details and logistics.