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The Boston Society of Spontaneity is not an ACM made group. Rather it is a Boston Urban Playground group, modeled after NYC’s Improv Everywhere. BSOS: Improv Everywhere:

Those joining this “project” will probably just get emails about meeting up to go to Boston Society of Spontaneity Event/Pranks.

Urban Playgrounding is happening on 10/10!!!

This is the facebook event for the MP3 experiment. You download a mp3 but don’t listen to it until everyone arrives at the undisclosed location. Everyone listens and follows the instructions at exactly 3:30pm. Expect to make a spectacle of yourself, simultaneously as others are making spectacles of themselves.

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Replica Portal Gun

The aim of this project is to create a model of the “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device” featured in the video game Portal.

Awesome replicas that other people have made:




Currently, the only way to achieve automatic, reliable configuration of Linux machines for BU networks and services is BU Linux. While BU Linux is effective in this sense, it has shortcomings, mainly that it is CentOS-based (which some people don’t like), and that it requires installing a completely new operating system, instead of just being able to install the config on top of an existing setup. To address these concerns, I propose an alternate system, tentatively entitled “debDog”, which is a collection of debian packages that install and/or configure essential software for use on the Boston University network. It is modular, allows for deeper customization, and is installable on top of an existing debian-based distro.

The System

Let’s get this out of the way right here: the inspiration for this project is MIT’s Project Debathena ( While using debathena on the MIT campus, I was amazed at how easy it was to install, configure, and use. If you poke around their site, you’ll notice that their system was so solid that MIT IS&T started using it on all the public clusters.

But I digress. The packages are currently using CDBS (Common Debian Build System) along with Config-Package-Dev (MIT-developed system for using divert commands to install configs on a machine).

The Packages Have a Home

Current packages live in Using git is easy…github has directions if you’re not familiar (you’re also welcome to email Kyle).

When we have a set of packages that we have tested individually, it will be time to test them as a group. For this, I can use my PPA on Launchpad.

Also, the BU Linux Users Group expressed interest in hosting a PPA for us to use for this when we go into more of an open beta/release mode. (They’re pretty awesome).

List of Packages Written (Ready for testing)

  • bu-printing-config
    • adds all myprint printers to the machine to facilitate easy printing.
  • bu-kerberos-config
    • modifies krb5.conf so that you can pull tickets from the bu kerberos realm.
  • bu-afs-config
    • configures afs to allow access to BU afs cell(s), allowing you to run site-licensed software, among other things.

List of Packages Currently Being Worked On (help welcome)

  • bu-nss-config
    • configures nsswitch.conf so that BU databases (LDAP) can be used to obtain information (
    • may be problematic, due to how BU’s Active Directory servers store indexID as part of the cn, and not as a separate field.
  • bu-pam-config
    • configures pam so that requests to log in/ssh/su/etc can be done with kerberos credentials
    • if anyone knows more than Kyle about dealing with pam, especially from a security standpoint (he doesn’t know much), help would be appreciated.
  • bu-login
    • metapackage to allow logging into the local computer with kerberos accounts. Will include bu-nss-config and bu-pam-config, among others.
  • add-bu-user
    • shameless re-package of a utility written for BU Linux :)


  • Put feature/package requests here.

Interested Parties

This project is gaining momentum. Since p = mv, we should add more packages and keep accelerating -_- Add your name below if this interests you.

  1. Kyle Brogle
  2. John-Nicholas Furst
  3. Jeff Crowell
  4. Kenny Kalenderian
  5. Russell Shomberg
  6. Mikhail Andreev