Replica Portal Gun

buildscc | 29 Sep 2010 | | projects

The aim of this project is to create a model of the “Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device” featured in the video game Portal.

Awesome replicas that other people have made:

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Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-29

BUILDS Meeting

9/29/2010 6:30pm

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Welcoming newcomers to BUILDS
  • Introduce yourselves!

Kyle Brogle

  • Yearbook Photographer coming to BUILDS
    • next meeting 10/6, the photographer will be taking a membership photo

Valerie Young

  • Cleaning up the room
    • We’re completely ok with people eating in the room, but please clean up after yourselves
  • Musical Stairs
  • There are now 3 key parts to the project:
    • electronic music synth
    • arduino interface
    • mounting issues
  • Meetings are still being held every sunday at 5pm.

Russell Shomberg

  • SpiderVac
    • We have acquired a vacuum for the project
    • Next key step is attaching the vacuum to a test pad and getting some diagnostics
    • Contact Rusty for more info, meeting times

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Videogame Collective
    • Meetings are tuesday nights ~9pm
      • So far there have been lectures on displaying images, etc
      • Next meeting will be concerned with platformers
  • BUILDS vegetable oil car
    • BUILDS will being getting its hands on a diesel engine car and converting it to run on vegetable oil
    • The project is great for engineers, helps connect BUILDS with Sustainability@BU, as well as getting the BUILDS name out there
    • Ideally, the idea is to have a beautiful project proposal BEFORE we pitch it

Sophia Valkenburg

  • Portal Gun
  • If you’re interested, join the project page on
  • Answer the doodle, and check your email regularly

Valerie Young / Keisuke Nakayama

  • Woman in Technology Poster
    • BUILDS is in need of a slogan for women in technology poster!
    • Tell keisuke/officers about your suggestions

Kyle Brogle

  • Project Gutenbach
    • Virtual printer that you can “print” music to
    • So far, it works best on OSX and Linux, but Windows support exists
    • Talk to Kyle for dev questions, configuring your comp. to use it, etc

Additional topics

  • Patrick Ehrlicher
    • Tesla coil
  • Ian Felder
    • Building a steady-cam
  • Ranjit Chacko
    • Engineers without borders
    • Meeting is 1230pm sunday @CAS 313
    • October 13th, MIT ideas (contact Kyle/John/Ranjit)

Meeting ended 7:03pm


Boston Society of Spontaneity

The Boston Society of Spontaneity is not an ACM made group. Rather it is a Boston Urban Playground group, modeled after NYC’s Improv Everywhere. BSOS: Improv Everywhere:

Those joining this “project” will probably just get emails about meeting up to go to Boston Society of Spontaneity Event/Pranks.

Urban Playgrounding is happening on 10/10!!!

This is the facebook event for the MP3 experiment. You download a mp3 but don’t listen to it until everyone arrives at the undisclosed location. Everyone listens and follows the instructions at exactly 3:30pm. Expect to make a spectacle of yourself, simultaneously as others are making spectacles of themselves.