Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-22

buildscc | 22 Sep 2010 | | meeting-minutes

Builds Meeting 3

9/22/2010 6:30PM

John-Nicholas Furst

Kyle Brogle

John-Nicholas Furst

Russell Shomberg

John-Nicholas Furst/Kyle Brogle

Valerie Young

John-Nicholas Furst

- poke the officers' brains
- come in whenever and just talk to us!

Ian Felder

Ranjit Chacko

meeting ended at 7:02 PM

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Arduino Mega


The Arduino Mega is a microcontroller board used in the [[Musical Stairs]]

Project to input the signal from the IR receivers and send out a MIDI signal to the computer interface.

{   [[Image:ArduinoMega2560.jpg thumb upright Arduino Mega 2560 Front Board.]] }

Additional information can be found on:


The current problem with the Arduino is that its op-amp becomes extremely hot when the Arduino is plugged into either the USB port or into the direct power. The part number is MV3581 06K CBXXG4. One potential reason for this problem is that the op-amp is short circuiting and has to be replaced. There is also the possibility that this has nothing to do with the problem, which may be located in a different part of the system.

Potential Solutions

People Working on this Problem

Mikhail Andreev - I will be taking the Mega to my lab where I may have spare parts.


Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-29

BUILDS Meeting

9/29/2010 6:30pm

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Welcoming newcomers to BUILDS
  • Introduce yourselves!

Kyle Brogle

  • Yearbook Photographer coming to BUILDS
    • next meeting 10/6, the photographer will be taking a membership photo

Valerie Young

  • Cleaning up the room
    • We’re completely ok with people eating in the room, but please clean up after yourselves
  • Musical Stairs
  • There are now 3 key parts to the project:
    • electronic music synth
    • arduino interface
    • mounting issues
  • Meetings are still being held every sunday at 5pm.

Russell Shomberg

  • SpiderVac
    • We have acquired a vacuum for the project
    • Next key step is attaching the vacuum to a test pad and getting some diagnostics
    • Contact Rusty for more info, meeting times

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Videogame Collective
    • Meetings are tuesday nights ~9pm
      • So far there have been lectures on displaying images, etc
      • Next meeting will be concerned with platformers
  • BUILDS vegetable oil car
    • BUILDS will being getting its hands on a diesel engine car and converting it to run on vegetable oil
    • The project is great for engineers, helps connect BUILDS with Sustainability@BU, as well as getting the BUILDS name out there
    • Ideally, the idea is to have a beautiful project proposal BEFORE we pitch it

Sophia Valkenburg

  • Portal Gun
  • If you’re interested, join the project page on
  • Answer the doodle, and check your email regularly

Valerie Young / Keisuke Nakayama

  • Woman in Technology Poster
    • BUILDS is in need of a slogan for women in technology poster!
    • Tell keisuke/officers about your suggestions

Kyle Brogle

  • Project Gutenbach
    • Virtual printer that you can “print” music to
    • So far, it works best on OSX and Linux, but Windows support exists
    • Talk to Kyle for dev questions, configuring your comp. to use it, etc

Additional topics

  • Patrick Ehrlicher
    • Tesla coil
  • Ian Felder
    • Building a steady-cam
  • Ranjit Chacko
    • Engineers without borders
    • Meeting is 1230pm sunday @CAS 313
    • October 13th, MIT ideas (contact Kyle/John/Ranjit)

Meeting ended 7:03pm