Arduino Mega

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The Arduino Mega is a microcontroller board used in the [[Musical Stairs]]

Project to input the signal from the IR receivers and send out a MIDI signal to the computer interface.

{   [[Image:ArduinoMega2560.jpg thumb upright Arduino Mega 2560 Front Board.]] }

Additional information can be found on:


The current problem with the Arduino is that its op-amp becomes extremely hot when the Arduino is plugged into either the USB port or into the direct power. The part number is MV3581 06K CBXXG4. One potential reason for this problem is that the op-amp is short circuiting and has to be replaced. There is also the possibility that this has nothing to do with the problem, which may be located in a different part of the system.

Potential Solutions

People Working on this Problem

Mikhail Andreev - I will be taking the Mega to my lab where I may have spare parts.

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Improved BU Shuttle Tracker


the BUS now has GPS, which means we can track it. Unfortunately the tracking site is pretty terrible. BU’s BUS tracker refuses to load nicely on default many mobile browsers (android, opera mini, blackberry) doesn’t have any information about bus speed, time to stops, schedule correction due to traffic at that time etc. We want to change this.

GPS system on the BUS

currently don’t know. will update when find out/someone who knows posts it (John?), may (will?) have impact on chosen software.

Software Options

Google Maps BU’s ‘official’ site uses google maps. Real time tracking is certainly possible using google maps. There are other mapping softwares available such as openlayers, something by microsoft and a few more. I don’t know much about any of these. Anyone who does, feel free to voice their opinions.

OpenGTS is a free real time GPS tracking project under the Apache License. Would require a server running the OpenGTS. From the demos looks very promising.

OpenGTS is pretty much ideal for this project as it seems very powerful and flexible and has a nice install guide, but I’m open to other ideas.


  • Jeff Crowell (Project Leader)


Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-22

Builds Meeting 3

9/22/2010 6:30PM

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Talk to Val for project funding. We have some funds available, and will be glad to help you in any way we can.

Kyle Brogle

  • Reminder: CS Connections event with Liberty Mutual coming up.

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Videogame collective
    • first meeting was on 9/21
    • first project proposal: creating a 2D maze game
    • programming in C++, using OpenGL
    • going to be developed and run on Linux
    • next meeting will be held 9/26 at 5:00pm in BUILDS

Russell Shomberg

  • SpiderVac
    • attempt to make a suction-powered vacuum backpack that allows one to climb up walls
    • designs are in the works; the math has already been done
    • rock on engineers!

John-Nicholas Furst/Kyle Brogle

  • Unix/Linux workshop
    • delayed due to awesomeness, great offers from the linux community to help
    • in the mean time, just come in and find Kyle/John for all your linux needs
  • Majordomo web interface
    • major progress being made
    • trying for a working demo by the end of the month

Valerie Young

  • Musical stairs
    • temp problem adding people to the mailing list
    • if you’re still interested and have not received emails, come and talk to Val to be put on the list.

John-Nicholas Furst

- poke the officers' brains
- come in whenever and just talk to us!

Ian Felder

  • BUILDS vegetable oil car
    • converting a car engine to run on vegetable oil
    • great for getting the BUILDS name out there
    • great for making friends with the environmental groups around Boston
    • really isn’t that hard to make, contact Ian for info
    • Brendan has tons of experience on working with Bio Diesel, talk to him for workshops.

Ranjit Chacko

  • Engineers without Borders
    • working on large, durable can-tennas for cell phones
    • in general, they work on projects to improve rural areas and 3rd world countries.

meeting ended at 7:02 PM