Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-15

buildscc | 15 Sep 2010 | | meeting-minutes

Minutes 9/15/2010


John-Nicholas Furst

Valerie Young

Kyle Brogle

John-Nicholas Furst

Monica Gribouski

Kyle Brogle

John Keklak

John-Nicholas Furst

Kyle Brogle

Valerie Young

Additional topics

meeting ended 7:10

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Intro to Linux

Intro to Linux

  • What is UNIX, differences, how to install
  • root filesystem - directory structure etc, bin, lib, usr, home, sbin
  • bash shell (common things: ls, mkdir, rm, touch]
  • Emacs, gedit
  • package management synaptic and aptitude
  • ssh
  • file permissions [chown, chmod, chgrp]

To do:

  • get live CDs
  • doodle when is a good time for all interested parties
  • talk with LUG
  • advertising


Improved BU Shuttle Tracker


the BUS now has GPS, which means we can track it. Unfortunately the tracking site is pretty terrible. BU’s BUS tracker refuses to load nicely on default many mobile browsers (android, opera mini, blackberry) doesn’t have any information about bus speed, time to stops, schedule correction due to traffic at that time etc. We want to change this.

GPS system on the BUS

currently don’t know. will update when find out/someone who knows posts it (John?), may (will?) have impact on chosen software.

Software Options

Google Maps BU’s ‘official’ site uses google maps. Real time tracking is certainly possible using google maps. There are other mapping softwares available such as openlayers, something by microsoft and a few more. I don’t know much about any of these. Anyone who does, feel free to voice their opinions.

OpenGTS is a free real time GPS tracking project under the Apache License. Would require a server running the OpenGTS. From the demos looks very promising.

OpenGTS is pretty much ideal for this project as it seems very powerful and flexible and has a nice install guide, but I’m open to other ideas.


  • Jeff Crowell (Project Leader)