Printer Hunt

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Printer Hunt

For the debDog package bu-printing-config, people expressed the desire to include more than just the myprint printers. I therefore propose a printer hunt! Just fill in the table with any info you have on a printer that you want put into the package.

NOTE: Departmental printers are bad, since they tend to change info fairly often, and most people would get yelled at for printing to them (even if it was auto-magically sic configured in an amazingly novel way).

{ border = “1” ! Printer Name ! Location ! IP Address ! Controlling department/entity - Please   Put   Data   Here -   }

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Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-08

BUILDS Meeting

9/8/2010 6:30pm

Kyle Brogle

  • Introductions
    • Welcome back…improvements to room:
    • Everything is labelled and in its place.
    • Now have plenty of workspace, planning for ethernet and power drops to the long center table in near future.

John-Nicholas Furst

  • Door no longer RFID; you now swipe magstripe cards to get in.
  • New and existing members NEED to get BUILDS accounts @
  • What does the BUILDS website account give you access to?
    • The wiki
    • Wordpress features of site.
    • The door
    • Ability to join projects you are interested in through the BUILDS site.
  • BUILDS phone line is 617 358 1164; call to see if people are inside, especially if the exterior building is locked.

Kyle Brogle

  • Current projects
    • debdog. Automated debian config packages for computers using the BU network. “Like BU Linux, only better”
      • Hopefully we can get IS&T to eventually recommend as an alternative to BU Linux in the future.
      • Talk to Kyle if interested.

Valerie Young

  • Musical staircase
    • Great way to be introduced with practical engineering project. talk to Valerie, et al.

Kyle Brogle

  • New project proposals:
    • Circuit-bending instrument construction
    • Creating a “T tracker” using Google Maps API
    • Using terrain data and Google Maps API to map most efficient (see:downhill) routes for longboarding and biking.
    • Building a tube amp / stereo tube amp (which is just two mono ones).
    • Expanding surface area on vacuum to create enough suction to climb buildings. (Spidervac?)
    • Tesla coil
  • What kind of workshops do people want taught?
    • Intro to unix, linux, programming languages.
    • Intro to the room’s powertools.
    • Intro to developing and building with arduinos.
    • Practical electronics (a.k.a. “What Electrical Circuit Theory should have taught you”)
    • Lockpicking Basics seminar
    • Videogame programming techniques (and game design)
    • Potential collaboration with machinists in basement of 15 St. Mary’s Street.
    • Someone mentioned talking with Jinara Reyes for ENG project grants.
  • What workshops do people want to teach?
    • John-Nicholas Furst: Web programming/design (beginning to advanced)
      • Basic to advanced C or C++ (socket programming especially for advanced)
  • Kyle Brogle: Something about security/vulnerability
  • Keisuke Nakayama: Art workshops!
  • Jeff Crowell: Computer graphics
  • John-Nicholas Furst: Videogame collective
  • Ian Felder: BUILDS minecraft server
  • Meeting scheduling
    • Kyle will send out doodle.

—> meeting ended.


Intro to Linux

Intro to Linux

  • What is UNIX, differences, how to install
  • root filesystem - directory structure etc, bin, lib, usr, home, sbin
  • bash shell (common things: ls, mkdir, rm, touch]
  • Emacs, gedit
  • package management synaptic and aptitude
  • ssh
  • file permissions [chown, chmod, chgrp]

To do:

  • get live CDs
  • doodle when is a good time for all interested parties
  • talk with LUG
  • advertising