Meeting Minutes for 2010-09-08

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BUILDS Meeting

9/8/2010 6:30pm

Kyle Brogle

John-Nicholas Furst

Kyle Brogle

Valerie Young

Kyle Brogle

—> meeting ended.

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Furst Labs

Furst Labs was founded in 2000 with the primary goal of creating advanced interaction between biological and mechanical systems.

Furst Labs’ principals have substantial real-world experience in the fields of medicine and robotics. Furst Labs’ founder and CEO, John-Nicholas Furst, has spent over eight years focusing on the integration of automated mechanical systems and biological systems.

John-Nicholas has presented at the Intel Science and Engineering Fair and the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. His research in renewable energy has been featured at the International Engineering Expo.

John-Nicholas is an invited member of American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a member of American Physics Society.

John-Nicholas is currently an undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Engineering at Boston University.


Printer Hunt

Printer Hunt

For the debDog package bu-printing-config, people expressed the desire to include more than just the myprint printers. I therefore propose a printer hunt! Just fill in the table with any info you have on a printer that you want put into the package.

NOTE: Departmental printers are bad, since they tend to change info fairly often, and most people would get yelled at for printing to them (even if it was auto-magically sic configured in an amazingly novel way).

{ border = “1” ! Printer Name ! Location ! IP Address ! Controlling department/entity - Please   Put   Data   Here -   }