Rear-Projection Touchscreen: Code and Design

buildscc | 14 Jul 2010 | | projects

BUILDS and Furst Labs are working together to perfect a multi-touch screen.

The physical screen must be engineered for optimal finger blob-tracking.

Fingers are individually tracked on the surface using modified web cameras.

The camera input is fed into custom tracker program designed by Furst Labs which implements the latest standard of Open Computer Vision.

The tracker program then sends the individual tracked data points over a modified Tangible User Interface Objects protocol tunneled through the Open Sound Control protocol to another custom Furst Labs built program for gesture tracking and recognition.

Once gestures have been recognised this program responds appropriately by either opening other applications or interacting with the user’s graphical interface.


John-Nicholas Furst (Project Leader)

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Red Bull Flugtag Meeting Minutes 04-21


Glider Millenium Falcon Dirigible Bicycle

Design Considerations:

Balance Design vs. Distance

  • Maybe 2 parts Design vs. 1 part Distance

Device + Payload <= 450 lbs

No “stored energy”

Forms to fill out:

They exist in print somewhere. Mainly require normal information plus a sketch of our design. Due May 18th.


Redbull Flugtag

Builds will be participating in the Redbull Flugtag competition. All communication about the project will be on the email and the wiki here

If you are interested in participating in the Flugtag project add your name to the wiki project and ask to be put onto the mailing list!

Exciting times for BUILDS over the summer!