Hacker Movie Festival

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We should throw a hacker movie festival on campus. This would require cooking copious amounts of popcorn and projecting classic hacker movies onto the walls of a BU machine room or otherwise questionably fitting cyberpunk-y location. Or just securing room 330 in CAS, depending on how many collective strings we can pull.

Possible movies:

What say ye, oh undulating masses of techies? Comment below.

Also, thanks to Prof. Kinraide for this idea :D

Possible additional Movies or snippits:

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Musical Stairs Original Plan

Original Plan

This document was the original inception of the Musical Stairs project.


The musical stairs project is an attempt at making the main staircase in the GSU make noise when you step on each stair. Think the piano floor at FAO Schwarz, but in stair form.

Mailing List

Listserve_Commands| musicalstairs-list@bu.edu

Wanna be on it? Email vryoung@bu.edu


So far, the plan is to use IR LEDs at one end of each step and IR sensors at the other end, so when someone steps on the stair, the sensor no longer sees the light. The sensor then sends a signal to an Arduino, which processes the signals from all the steps and sends the information to a computer at the top of the stairs. That computer is responsible for making the noise. Current plans involve not only a direct-note mode, but possibly a song mode.



The current plan is to attach the sensors directly to the side of the stairs with double-sided tape or similar adhesive. For non-flat components, they might need to be mounted in epoxy/acrylic/hot-melt first, then attached. Wires will be run along the side of the step and down underneath to North side of the stairs (closest to the window). Those wires will be run to the top of the stairs, where any Arduinos and computers will be located.

Possible Sensor Alternatives

A possible alternative to the IR sensor might be some sort of microphone which would pickup sound on the surface of the stair. I tested it personally, but with a mini-amplifying speaker and a specially designed microphone. However, amplifying the sound off a surface might be easier than amplifying a wave from an IR LED way out of range, because you can’t tell between ambient light and the light form the LED. Costs and specifics are unknown.

Possible component (a piezo vibration sensor): http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9196

  • Nik Huntoon and Chris Woodall

Upcoming Meetings

Dates to be announced.

Build Session

~ This weekend (April 23rd-25th) in BUILDS We should have new IR LEDs and sensors in, so we’re going to play with them, figure out their range, test mounting strategies, etc. If you want to learn how to solder or do Arduino stuff, there should be some of that going on at various points.


  • Valerie Young (Project Leader)
  • John-Nicholas Furst (Project Leader)
  • Russell Shomberg
  • Nicholas Colasuonno
  • Danny Cooper
  • Christopher Woodall


Red Bull Flugtag Meeting Minutes 04-21


Glider Millenium Falcon Dirigible Bicycle

Design Considerations:

Balance Design vs. Distance

  • Maybe 2 parts Design vs. 1 part Distance

Device + Payload <= 450 lbs

No “stored energy”

Forms to fill out:

They exist in print somewhere. Mainly require normal information plus a sketch of our design. Due May 18th.