What is ACM?

The Association for Computing Machinery is a nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to keeping computer scientists up-to-date and providing students with a multitude of learning and professional resources.

Our BU chapter has some specific goals in mind:

  • Incorporate new/prospective CS students into the BU CS community
  • Provide workshops and resources to CS students that will introduce them to sub-fields of computer science
  • Demonstrate how other fields/majors can be incorporated with computer science to create new and exciting projects (cross-denominational work)

Sumara Ali


Gabriel Klavans

Vice President

Emily Mallaber


Tanner Braun


David Wang


Joseph Bain


Deren Singh


Current Officers (2018 - 2019)

  • President - Sumara Ali
  • Vice President - Gabriel Klavans
  • Treasurer - Emily Mallaber
  • Secretary - Tanner Braun
  • Officer - David Wang
  • Officer - Joseph Bain
  • Officer - Deren Singh